Lawn Care Solutions to Dog Poop

Stone's Throw Condominiums - Huntsville, Alabama

Stone's Throw Condominiums - Huntsville, Alabama

One of the challenges of being in the lawn care business is dealing with animal feces.  It’s impossible to avoid and disgusting when you come in contact with it.  Most homeowners are responsible and pick up after their pets.  However, a few homeowners just don’t understand how unsanitary it is to leave animal feces lying on the ground.  

My company, Mow Hawk Lawn Care, recently had to deal with this problem at Stone’s Throw Condominiums in Huntsville, AL.  Luckily, the Home Owners Association took quick action and solved the problem.

 Here are the options they were discussing:

1.    Pet Waste Removal Service

2.    Security Cameras

3.    Pet DNA Service

Pet Waste Removal Service – It was too expensive for a property of their size.  Also, it didn’t do anything to keep the problem from getting worse.  This option is the best for a residential home owner. A company like Pet Butler does an excellent job.

Security Cameras – This option did solve the problem from continuing, as long as someone was willing to watch a lot of video footage of dogs pooping.  It can be expensive to set up, and maintain, depending on how many cameras are needed.

Pet DNA Service – I know this option sounds silly, but it is a real service.  I had a hard time convincing the HOA to try this.  The main selling point is that it’s inexpensive to set up and makes the HOA extra money.

DNA is collected from all pets and entered into a database. A sample is taken anytime pet waste is found.  Then the sample is sent off to a lab and identified.  The offending pet owner must pay a fine, or lose pet privileges.

Pet DNA Service is the option that the HOA decided to implement.  They chose a company called PooPrints.  So far, it has been effective.  The effects of the new policy were immediate.  Pet DNA Service took the anonymity out of leaving pet waste on the ground.