Mow Hawk Lawn Care | Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville and the Surrounding Areas

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Mow Hawk Lawn Care is excited to announce we’re expanding our lawn care service area to Harvest, Madison, and Hampton Cove, Alabama.  Many people consider these areas part of Huntsville and call us.  After getting so many calls from outside of Huntsville, we believe it’s the right time to make the move and expand our lawn care service area to better serve our community. 

Harvest Lawn Care

We get a lot of calls from customers needing lawn care services in Harvest.  They often tell us stories about how difficult it’s become to find a lawn service to answer the phone, much less provide dependable yard maintenance.  They’re often forced to look for a lawn care service from Huntsville.  One customer from Harvest said “I thought finding a lawn care service near me would be the least expensive option to get my yard mowed.  After dealing with problems from all of the lawn services near me, I decided to look for a lawn mowing service in Huntsville”.  We’ve heard this same story, many times, from many customers and decided it was the appropriate time to broaden our service area to Harvest, Alabama. 

Madison Lawn Care

Mow Hawk Lawn Care is also expanding to provide lawn care services to Madison.  Madison is one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama and there are not enough commercial lawn care services to keep up with the demand.  We see potential to grow as Madison grows.  We already receive many calls from Madison due to lack of quality lawn maintenance services in their area, so we feel now is the time to expand our lawn mowing services to Madison.

Hampton Cove Lawn Care

The third area we are expanding our lawn care service to is Hampton Cove, Alabama.  Some people call this area Big Cove, some call it Owens Cross Roads and others call it Hampton Cove.  Most of our calls from outside of Huntsville come from Hampton Cove.  We've provided lawn care service to the Hampton Cove area in the past and believe that it’s the right time to return.

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Can We Handle the Growth?

The answer is yes.  We can handle growing from the best lawn care service in Huntsville to becoming the best lawn care service in Harvest, Madison, and Hampton Cove.  Our staff has a level of experience and knowledge that is unmatched and we have the best-trained lawn mowing employees in Huntsville. 

Most importantly, we have the best customer service available.  We answer the phone when customers call and return emails and text.  We offer online scheduling and accept credit cards for lawn care payments.  Also, we’re active on our blog and social media (Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn) so our customers can get to know us better.  Our staff is polite and helpful to our customers, and we're set up so we can grow with Huntsville and the surrounding areas. We believe the time for us to expand is now so we can better serve our community and help keep Huntsville beautiful.

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