Best Lawn Mower Repair Service In Huntsville, Alabama

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After using every lawn mower repair shop in Huntsville, I have finally decided on a new place to get my lawn care equipment fixed.  Hedden Lawn & Garden has earned my business.  They have consistently been professional and honest.  The owner has been helpful finding parts for my mower, even though he is not a dealer of my brand of equipment.  Hedden Lawn & Garden is a Gravely dealer, but they will fix any brand of equipment, or small engine you bring to them.  The best part is they have the fastest turn around in Huntsville.  They will have you fixed, and ready to mow, in half the time of any other repair shop around.

I have owned a lawn care service in Huntsville for 15 years.  For 13 of those years, I had been a loyal customer to a lawn mower repair business, that is a Hustler dealer, located a few miles outside of the city.  They were absolutely wonderful.  I witnessed them pulling a part off of a new mower, and selling it to a customer because they didn’t have it in stock.  This means that they had to order a part and then put it on the new mower.  I’m aware of the extra work involved, but they didn’t mind doing it to keep their customers happy.  That kind of service was worth the extra drive. 

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The last 2 years have not been anything like the 13 before.  They hired this guy that had been fired by multiple lawn mower repair services in Huntsville.  I used to avoid any store that he worked in because of his level of incompetence.  They hired him to handle the customers at the counter, so he is basically the face of the business.  They also hired a mechanic that is slow as pond water.  He is supposed to be a decent mechanic, but I haven’t been impressed.  Now he’s the only mechanic they have.  That’s not good because I have rarely seen him working on any equipment while I have been in their store.

lawn care huntsville

I have not been using this store as much the last couple of years.  I have used them to buy parts because they are a Hustler dealer, but those days are over.  Last week, I needed some repair work done and decided to give my old shop one more try.  This was the worst service I have ever received.

I needed a spindle for my mower.  When I walked in the store, the mechanic and the guy at the counter were sitting down talking to each other.  I told them what I needed and the mechanic walked away, so I told the guy behind the counter what I needed.  He said he had to wait for the mechanic to come back.  10 minutes later, the mechanic comes back and tells me to bring the mower to the back of the store where they fix equipment.  

Now I’m in the repair area waiting on the mechanic to come back.  After 5 minutes, I walk back to the front of the store and tell him that I’m waiting on him.  He finally waddles back to where I’m at, and confirms what I had already told him I needed.  He then tells me that it will be 1 week before he will even look to see if they have the part in stock.  He said, “If I get the part for you now, you will want me to fix it now”.  That didn’t make me happy, so I said, “See if you have the part and I’ll fix it myself”.  He then tells me again that it will be 1 week before he looks to see if they have it in stock.  At this time, I decided that I was never going to step foot in their store again. 

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I called Hedden Lawn & Garden when I left.  They told me that I could bring the mower to them and they will find the part I needed.  They told me that they could have my mower fixed by the end of the day if I could pick up the part for them.  I picked up the part, that they located, and they had me ready to mow 2 hours later.  That kind of service is how you earn my business.  From now on, I will only use Hedden Lawn & Garden. 

"Hedden Lawn & Garden is the best lawn mower repair service in Huntsville." Chris Grissim - Mow Hawk Lawn Care