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With fall just around the corner, Huntsville, Alabama is going to be turning into a colorful landscape.  There are many locations that are “must see attractions” for people that love to see the fall colors.  The leaves will change from shades of green to beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds.  You can spend the day walking through downtown, or driving up one of the many mountains that surround the city.  Any option is going to be full of breathtaking views that will remind you why Huntsville is such a great place to live. 

While the fall colors are expected to be at their peak in the highest elevations around the end of October, the foliage in the rest of the valley will peak about a week later. After seeing how stunning the leaves are during this time of year, you will understand why the fall season in North Alabama is such a special time of the year.

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Sadly, the beautiful scenery will not last too long.  Soon the leaves will begin falling from the trees and covering lawns all over Huntsville.  This is a beautiful thing to look at for some people, but it can become a nuisance for homeowners trying to keep their lawn looking nice and clean.  The leaves cover the lawn, and flower beds, while hiding sticks and other debris that can be harmful to a lawn and the landscaping.  Leaves can also create flooding by blocking the city drainage system.  The flooding destroys residential and commercial lawns, as well as homes and businesses.

When the leaves begin to fall, leaf clean up and removal can turn into an overwhelming chore.  Raking up leaves is time consuming, labor intensive, and can leave painful blisters on your hands. Some homeowners do their own leaf removal, but in many cases they are better off calling a commercial lawn care service.

Huntsville’s lawn care needs will transition from lawn care service to leaf clean up service.  Many lawn care companies offer leaf removal services. One way to remove leaves from a property is to vacuum them up and haul them away.  Backpack blowers and rakes are some essential tools needed as well.  Blowing the leaves into a pile, or onto a tarp, is an effective method of leaf removal because after the leaves are in a pile they can easily be managed by vacuuming them and removing them from the job site.

Another option is to have a lawn care company turn the leaves into fine mulch that can remain on the lawn and provide compost.  This can be achieved by using a lawn mower and mowing over the leaves many times until they disappear into a fine mulch.  This is best achieved by using a commercial lawn mower with a mulching kit and mulching blades.  This is usually a price saving alternative to vacuuming the leaves.  There will not be any leaves to haul away if they are mulched.

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Do not let thick, wet leaves stay on the ground for too long.  October, November, and December are the months when leaf removal service is at its peak.  Thick, wet leaves can kill the lawn, and create drainage issues.  Some customers want their lawn care company to come out and remove all of the leaves at one time. Others customers, who also use the lawn care service, might ask for regular leaf removal throughout the fall.  Regularly scheduled leaf removal service is the better option.  It is easier to remove the leaves on a frequent schedule.  The thicker the leaves are, the harder it is to make them disappear.  It also reduces the chance of the leaves getting rained on and staying wet for a long time.  Dry leaves are much easier to work with than wet leaves. 


Leaf Removal Tips

  • Only try to perform leaf removal on a calm day. Wind can cause many problems while trying to clean a lawn. The leaves can fall just as fast as you can get them up. That’s ok, because it is still easier to get rid of the leaves a little bit at a time, as opposed to letting them all fall and getting them all up at once.

  • Regular leaf cleanup will help the lawn grow back healthier in the spring. Remove thick layers of wet leaves before they damage your lawn.

  • Leaf Clean Up Using a Backpack Blower - Using a backpack blower is one of the quickest ways to clean your yard. The blower will help to get all of the debris into a pile, making it easier to prepare for hauling away from the job site.

  • Leaf Clean Up Using a Mower - If you only have a small amount of leaves in your yard, you can use a commercial lawn mower to mulch them. A mulching mower can mow over your lawn until they are mulched to a fine dust. Keeping the mulched leaves on your lawn will allow the lawn to absorb nutrients.

  • Leaf Clean Up using a Lawn Vacuum - Use backpack blowers, or rakes to get the leaves into a manageable size pile. Use the lawn vacuum to remove the leaves from the pile.

Tools To Make Leaf Removal Much Easier

1.    Back Pack Blower – The most important tool for cleaning up, and managing a lot of leaves.  Leaves, and other debris, can easily be directed to an area that will make them easy to haul away. The only problem is how loud blowers can be.

2.    Rake – A good old fashion rake is still one of the best tools for cleaning up leaves.  It is a lot quieter than a backpack blower, but a lot harder work.

3.    Tarp – Blowing, or Raking, the leaves onto a tarp is an efficient way to move a lot of leaves all at once.  All you have to do is pull the tarp where you want it to go.

4.    Bags – Putting leaves into a bag is still sometimes unavoidable.  It is a way to dispose of leaves, but is the most time consuming method.   

5.    Lawn Vacuum – A large commercial grade lawn vacuum cleaner.  It shreds leaves up to condense them into a smaller space to help with the coordination hauling away from the job site. 

6.    Truck/Trailer (Haul) – A truck and/or trailer is needed to haul leaves away from the job site.

7.    Lawn Mower – A lawn mower with mulching blades and a mulching kit can be the best tool to clean up a lot of leaves.  Dry leaves usually disappear after mowing.